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Recent Regulation allows Cottage Food Operations to produce certain non-potentially hazardous foods and sell them with minimal overhead. Now you can become a cottage food vendor sell foods on the approved list from your home via a customized listing. When you have a batch of new inventory, you can post this on your own customized site and have locals come and buy some of your home-made masterpieces. Finally, grandma’s recipe will bring you together with a community of home-made food enthusiasts!

Fresh Homemade Baked Goods

Find the most delicious breads, biscuits, churros, cookies, pastries, tortillas, fruit pies, granolas and more in your neighborhood

Homemade non-perishables

Discover hand-crafted jams, nut butters, honey, sorghum syrup, vinegar, mustard, confections such as fudge and caramel

Dried Fruit and Vegetables

Find the most delicious coffee, tea, dried vegetables and fruits, dried soup mixes, popcorn, nuts and more

Join a thriving ecosystem of cottage vendors

Find out about the process to become a cottage food vendor in your area


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Here’s what some people have to say about us…

Amazing to be able to get fresh food from right around the block! I love the community this fosters…

Ana Dominguez

Alameda, CA

I’m a bread afficionado and lover, and it turns out my neighbor bakes AMAZING bread as well as pastries. I also bake certain things, so we can exchange goods!

Molly Hernandez

Los Angeles, CA

I became a vendor because I love to bake and it makes sense to make extra and sell it to people in the neighborhood

Alice Overick

Hayward, CA

Your Cottage Foods Experience

Customize and build your experience to get the best out of the community


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